MAG-ON-THE-BLOG is a blogazine by Mechu (an Argentinean in Oslo) and Rosie (a Dutchie in Dubai).

It is partly MAG (inspiring and interesting articles for when you have a minute) and partly BLOG (fun short stories for when you have a second) so it will always give you something to read, think, talk and smile about. And we hope you love it as much as we do.

Our first story is that of how this blog came to be:
A rendezvous in Barcelona brought us together over 10 years ago and since that day, and countless cups of coffee, our shared passions for magazines, writing, and technology have morphed into this blogazine.

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Mechu & Rosie

(Read more about who of these two is the MAG and who is the BLOG in a separate article here)

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