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Happy Easter! The perfect weekend for a brunch with friends and kids. Especially with these easy recipes.

By Mechu Rapela Since Easter is always stretched over a long weekend, it is a great time to meet up with family, friends and kids. Nothing better then a long brunch with goodies that everyone can enjoy. We have put together some recipes we stole off friends that are easy to prepare and easy to […]

Lammily April 12

Barbie can’t help the fact that she was born perfect. But is it time for her to step down?

By Roos Kriek The discussion has been going on for quite a long time: Barbie does not seem to be a standard woman. Even worse than that, a female with her proportions would not be able to survive. There is too little room for her internal organs, her ankles are at such an angle that […]

fer rocha photos April 08

Rosaries in trees in Salta, Argentina

By Fer Rocha Photos A tree full of rosaries. Salta, Argentina. The rosary (from Latin rosarium, meaning “Crown of Roses” or “garland of roses”) is a Roman Catholic sacramental and Marian devotion to prayer and the commemoration of Jesus and events of his life. The term “Rosary” is used to describe both a sequence of prayers and a string of prayer beads used to count the prayers. Source, wikipedia More on the […]

Photo 03-04-14 17 02 56 April 05

Spritz your words. What’s this new App that makes me read 1000 words a minute?

by Mechu Rapela I was recently given the challenge to try a new app. It’s called Spritz, and according to my colleague might make her read (she’s not exactly a bibliophile). “Me, testing an app???” I responded, in slight disbelief.  The reply from my friend (who is also a Magontheblog editor) was short and sweet: […]

Sunny Stockholm April 01

Hotspots: Stockholm. The city to go this spring for a break and the must-go-to places

With special thanks to our reader Stefanie from Stockholm We love Scandinavia. And Stockholm is a must to visit for people that feel the same way. It is the perfect destination for a weekend escape or a summer holiday. Go here with your partner, with friends or with the family since everything is so kid-friendly. […]

Bye bey Amsterdam... March 29

Relocation Desperation? The challenges you face when moving around

By Roos Kriek Relocating can be very exciting.  Change can be daunting. Both, however, can be good once in a while since they will force you to enter a new time, place, sometimes country or even attitude. Not everybody is up for change. A lot of people are happy where they are, with what they […]

Advantages of needing a new refrigirator March 25

Living out of the box – but being an expatriate does have it’s benefits

By Eva Lebens Sitting on a plane, all five of us are as ready as we can be for a new expat adventure. We’ve just checked in seven suitcases and three boxes. Everything that’s really important like shoes, clothes, some cutlery and a couple of pans –  husband J. even got to choose some things […]

Photo 21-03-14 10 14 02 March 22

Magontheblog – Spring edition. This will definitely get you into the spring mood

By our various contributors & readers It’s official: Spring is in the air if you are living on the north side of the equator. And if you are looking outside and it is momentarily looking more like winter or fall, don’t worry. Look on your calendar because March 21st is when spring does start. What […]

Nepal 2014-634 March 18

Transportation in Nepal. A beautiful photo to start your day

Photo by Rene Rossignaud A farmer lady crosses a 600 meter long rope bridge across the river with her fruit to sell in the local market. This shot is taken in the Pokhara area, Nepal. More information on the photographer: Rene Rossignaud was born on a stormy December night in 1980, on the beautiful island […]

My view from the bathroom floor March 15

The right to turn it off and be honest about it – I am just not available right now!

by Mechu Rapela I reserve the right to turn my phone off. I understand the anxiety that this might generate but I do not want to be available 24/7. Not only with calls, but also emails, Whatsapp and my good old enemy Facebook. I know that I could get rid of my Smartphone, have a […]

Photo 08-03-14 19 01 58 March 11

The happy Botox user. Botox is ok nowadays so you don’t have to hide your wrinkle free face!

By Denise Vischschoonmaker I’m a happy user! Thursday morning, I have just woken up and I’ve got sleepy eyes. And already I spot my greatest enemy: wrinkles! Frown lines, laughter lines, forehead wrinkles and other wrinkles. Evidently, I laugh too much, frown too much and look surprised a few times too often too. To me, these […]

whitey_by_lora_zombie-d609z57 March 08

A magical travel through Lora Zombie water-colour´s

by Maria Jose Arrieta When looking at a painting there can be a variety of reactions:  you like it, you don’t like it, you don’t understand it, you’re obsessed by it, you love it. When I see Lora Zombie’s paintings I can only think … this girl is amazing. She has an undisputed talent, a […]

images March 04

200 years of history in 4 minutes

By Roos Kriek If only my history teacher at school would have been so passionate. Hans Rosling is one of the most interesting people I came across this month, explaining the most complicated issues in the best way and with a passion. Who knew statistics could be so much fun. Together with his son and […]

20140228-083819.jpg March 01

What’s your question? Embarrassing dinner table talk that I have experienced

by Mechu Rapela If you sit at a dinner table with people you don’t know, what do you ask? I’ve been asked some pretty strange questions over the past years, at dinner tables around the world. It seems that the more conventional variety – what do you do for a living? Where did you grow […]

Photo 24-02-14 11 28 13 February 25

Photo post: Transportation in Jaipur, India

By Roos Kriek I needed to go to the airport and though a taxi would be the best way to do so. These men needed to get a door from A to B and thought a motorbike would be the best way to do so. You wonder, when you see something like this on the […]

Alexa Chung - Fashions favorite girl according to Vogue UK February 22

Who’s that IT girl?

By Gracia Zamblera Many times when we pick up a popular magazine or the scan the news in a trendy blog, we run into the expression “It Girl”. Generally, it’s in connection to a big fashion event where they are identified as the ‘best dressed of the week’ or something similar. But “It Girls” are […]

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Single-dish restaurants

By Roos Kriek It’s nothing new, we can’t really speak of a trend, but I do think it’s a great concept. To be honest, going out for dinner is a great concept anyway for someone who doesn’t really enjoy cooking or who is perceived as much of a star in the kitchen. The inspiration for […]

flag February 15

Where being gay is a crime…

by Artemis Schreiber and Mechu Rapela In light of the Olympics in Sochi we have seen reactions to what the host country called an abomination. Many of these have come in a form of comic videos cheering their teams. It is our opinion that this is a really good way to go. We don’t mean […]

Plato himself February 11

A philosophical thought

by Mechu Rapela At my school we began to learn philosophy at the age of 13. Despite all the fits of hysteria with my parents as to why they were such horrible parents, who made me suffer (as a teenager I was very dramatic), between them and my fantastic philosophy teacher I got it – […]

Resorts with private beaches for if you do not want to leave the premises. February 08

Early summer holiday planning

By Roos Kriek In the Northern hemisphere, when the days are short and the nights are anything but, many of us start longing for the sun again. We remember the good times we had our last summer, enjoying a cold drink while our feet nestled in the warm sand. [Sigh]… And wish it was summer […]


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