image-3 October 18

Travel companions – making a multi-generational trip successful

By Mechu Rapela Since the birth of my son, I am lucky enough to have had an annual trip with him and my mother. She is a not-shy-to-admit 62 years old, I’m 33 and my son is 3. The destination this year was Italy. Rome and Florence to be exact. In the past it has been […]

Just walked out of my local Starbucks feeling like a million dollars October 10

Treat yourself to a new image – beginners course

By Roos Kriek Most of the time I feel pretty comfortable with my own name. There are some days, however, that I feel a bit different or want to feel different.  Changing clothes, hairstyle or the car is a bit far out. But changing your name need not be. Now I am not suggesting changing it […]

Lunch with your parents without kids to drop off or laundry to bring October 04

When selfish became Selfie and therefore totally acceptable

By Roos Kriek Don’t you often think: ‘if I had the time, I would… [fill in the blanks with one of the below options].’ a) Sleep b) Go to a spa c) Have a boozy lunch with friends d) Go shopping e) Read a book f) All of the above But we never have or […]

American-Girl-in-Italy_magontheblog September 27

Everyday Sexism: Laura Bates said enough! And did something about it

by Artemis Schreiber I feel embarrassed. Embarrassed, ashamed and furious. It’s the result of reading a book that documents how sexism continues to feature so strongly in our world. The shame and embarrassment come from my not noticing nearly enough the (unbelievably numerous) ongoing ways in which girls and women are subject to processes and behaviours […]

tinder September 20

Tinder – A modern solution to an age-old concern?

By Roos Kriek I was born last century and sometimes it really feels that way when I’m introduced to a piece of social media that I simply don’t understand. And that is what happened when someone recently told me about their activity on Tinder. Now this might be something you already know about or even […]

this-too-shall-pass-john-rizzuto September 13

Unemployment: The right attitude towards a difficult situation can help

by Mechu Rapela Unemployment, if not voluntary, sucks. That’s it. If you have been looking for a job and haven’t succeeded it is painful and difficult, and there is little someone can say to make it better. But there are some things one can do for oneself to take advantage of the situation. I have […] August 30

A challenging summer

By Roos Kriek The summer of 2014 will probably be referred to as ‘the ice bucket summer’ since it is all about people pouring a bucket of iced water over themselves. What started out as a random challenge by a golfer in Florida soon became linked to the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and now […]

amsterdam July 26

Cutting Edge – the new search mode in hotels

By Mechu Rapela We love to travel and there are certain hotels that have caught our attention. Some of the sites we use to find hotels have added to their specifications – in addition to ‘romantic’, ‘family’ or ‘business’ – the search for ‘cutting edge’. Here are our favourites from that list. We have tried […]

Tell your parents that you are loving Barcelona. A postcard is a different experience then an e-mail. July 19

Postcards: Old-fashioned, vintage or last century? We propose a comeback

By Roos Kriek I have always had a stationery fetish. I love bookshops, notebooks and all sorts of post cards. What started with sending my parents and grandmother a corny postcard from my holiday destinations has evolved into searching for original, cute, fun cards to send for any occasion. Only very few of us still […]

Photo 12-07-14 09 07 57 July 12

This summer’s book list – from thriller to easy-read and everything in between

by Mechu Rapela We have been asking around the people we know about what they are going to read this summer or what they read this year and could recommend. Here are their answers. Mechu The book: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton (2013) Why: This second book by the 28 year-old writer from New Zealand has acquired a terrific […]

Household essential: a first aid kit. July 05

Long overdue for many of us; Putting First Aid back on the to-do list

By Roos Kriek It’s one of those things I want to do, but I  just have never made the effort. And although a basic First Aid course can save a life, of a stranger or a loved one, there is something daunting about practicing mouth-to-mouth on a plastic doll. I remember doing a First Aid course once […]

abuela 1 June 28

Why do I write?

by Mechu Rapela For Chela Cavallo de Jaskowsky, in loving memory. Now begins the longest letter I´ve ever written to you. I don’t think I have a memory of when I didn’t have a story in my head. And I remember exactly when I started putting them down on paper. It was when my grandmother, who has […]

1,2,3... full table June 21

Dinner party for dummies – How to make them so much easier and therefore frequent

By Roos Kriek I love having dinner parties. It’s great to ask friends over and have a good meal together. But until a few years ago, I wasn’t so eager to invite people. Basically, the whole thing would stress me out. What to serve, what I’d need to buy, how to make it, will it […]

Drawing by Magui Figueroa June 14

Celebrate with us – Magontheblog’s first birthday party

By Mechu & Rosie We are very happy to let you know that Magontheblog is celebrating her first birthday this week. It was one year ago that we went live with our first post. And now, 122 posts later, we are very proud of what we have produced. And it wouldn’t have been possible without you: our readers, followers and […]

Photo 11-02-14 15 14 19 June 07

Hotspots: Rio de Janeiro

By Marcelo Cortez / Kathrine Skjærpe This couple (he is Carioca and she Norwegian who has adopted the Carioca way and is almost unrecognisable her Scandinavian self when she is in Ipanema), give us a short and sweet list of about Rio´s pearls. First thing on arrival: Who left the oven door open? Especially if you come between […]

Knitting. Old fashioned and a waste of time or a new way to relax? DIY scarf is being made here... May 31

Becoming a DIY pro. Here are some tips to help you to get started

By Mechu Rapela I have never been creative or good at making things with my hands. I can’t paint (even a wall), I can’t draw (and that includes a straight line with a ruler) and I can’t make a bouquet of flowers. But I can follow instructions, and by virtue of this have discovered a […]

Fresh Maltese strawberries. Enjoying the season while it lasts. May 24

Strawberry fest! They are available, delicious and good for you. So have them while you can!

By Roos Kriek Spring and summer is the time when we can get good, fresh strawberries. And I just love them. Living on Malta means that we have an overload of them from about early April until now, which is great. And then it gets too warm and the strawberry season ends. So while it lasts, I want […]

Photo 17-05-14 11 56 22 May 16

A younger you – Cosmetic surgery is very normal, depending on where you live…

By Roos Kriek The first time I heard about plastic surgery, it was the rumour that Michael Jackson had done something to his nose. At that time it was not very common to have plastic surgery, at least not that I knew of, and certainly not in Holland. Plastic surgery there was only for when […]

spring May 14

Mini Post: A photo to show us that it is spring in Amsterdam

This lovely photo by Fer.Rocha.Photos makes us so happy that spring has come to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city and a great place to visit. And especially when it is not raining! Just walking along the canals, having coffee on a bench and shopping at the small boutiques this city has to offer, makes […]

knekkebrod May 10

Eat Breakfast! Learn from the Norwegians on how to start your day the right way

By Mechu Rapela We have all heard that we should eat breakfast like Queens and Kings. Even at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who has on her CV break thoughts like eradicating smallpox, improving drinking water, advanced medication for HIV and TB, tells her students to have a good breakfast. So maybe we should all try to […]


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